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Are Retreads Safe?

You bet they are! The President of the United States signed an Executive Order in April 2000 requiring federal agencies to replace the original tires on their vehicles with retreaded tires wherever practical.
All commercial airlines, as well as military jet aircraft, use retreaded tires. In fact, nearly 80 percent of all aircraft tires now in service in the United States are retreads.
More than 100,000 aircraft retreads are used annually with an average of 270 takeoffs and landings per tread life.
Professional retreaders adhere to stringent industry recommended practices at every step of the retreading process. Most retread plants in North America and elsewhere are franchised, licensed or otherwise consulted by or affiliated with major brand suppliers who provide technical assistance and requirements to insure a reliable product is produced.
Retreaded tires in all applications, from passenger cars to heavy construction equipment, have consistently demonstrated the same reliability in operation as new tires. Many trucking fleets plan their new tire purchases with the intention of having their worn casings retreaded two or more times as a routine part of their tire budgets. Today, in North America, there are as many retreaded tires in operation as there are original tread life tires.
Retreaded tires are used safely every day on airplanes, school buses, fire engines and ambulances, trucking fleets, taxis, Postal Service vehicles, military vehicles and by millions of motorists.